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South Minneapolis customers: Midtown Farmers Market is happening at its regular time on Saturday at Corcoran Park, just south of South High School. See you there.

updated Mon. 6/1—

Fresh Produce

Multicoloured radish bunch. We simply cannot get enough of these crisp and mild pink, red, and white radishes. Don’t toss out the greens! Lightly saute for a nice side.

Red beets bunch. “Sweet Dakota Bliss” grown from seed produced organically by a small family farm in North Dakota. Delicious, with outstanding greens.

Kale bunch. Westlander kale is deep green, curly, and tender. Our first experience growing this variety, we are very pleased!

Hakurei turnip bunch. Sweet and tender! Great raw snack or addition to a salad. Generous amount of tasty greens attached to these turnips: cook them up!

Salad mix, half pound bag. The item we plan to have every single week, and the one we want to eat every single week! 5 lettuce varieties with a small amount of ‘garnet giant’ mustard greens

Arugula, half pound bag. Finally! We were a little late seeding arugula this season, but it is here and it is tender with a mild, pleasant peppery flavor.

Napa cabbage head. Lighter than traditional round cabbage with a fresher taste, Napa cabbage (aka Chinese cabbage) has so many great uses: served raw in a slaw or salad, fermented (kimchi), lightly sauteed, or as a delicious soup ingredient. Ours are about a foot long and weigh around 1.5 pounds.

Garden Seedlings

Most of our plants have sold out. Thank you all for purchasing this year. Still offering Sweet Genovese Basil plants, grown from Certified Organic seed and planted in biodegradable pots. Each pot contains 2 glossy-leafed plants.

Hexagon Market Share

Pay $150 up front and receive $160 in produce and plant credit (plus bonus items, like fresh herb bunches!) to use over the course of the season. It’s like a mini CSA, with loads of flexibility: choose what you want, when you want it, without individual monetary transactions.


These awesome patches are made by Twin Cities based all intertwined patchworks, and are made with cotton grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. They even come with matching thread and a needle for sewing them onto your desired garment or fabric 🙂

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