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updated Mon. 6/29—

Fresh Produce

Red beets bunch. Wonderful red “Shiraz” beets. We are loving this variety, and they have great, nutritious greens attached.

Kale bunch – 2 varieties. ‘Bear Necessities’ is super frilly and tender, with some sweetness, amazing for a kale salad. ‘Dazzling Blue’ is a lacinato kale with a striking purple stem, great for sauteing, soups, and kale chips.

Salad mix, half pound bag. Featuring 7 varieties of tender baby lettuce this week, plus some Bear Necessities kale and baby Swiss chard leaves.

Rainbow Swiss chard. One thing we love about cooking with chard is that the stem can be chopped and sauteed before the greens, with some garlic, onions, or garlic scapes. This addition does wonders to the flavor and texture of some simple cooked chard.

Garlic scapes. Simply wonderful. Check out our 6/19 blog post to expand your garlic scape repertoire! Possibly the last week for scapes from us.

Rainbow carrot bunch. Early carrots! This is our first harvest of our mix of carrots: orange, white, yellow, and purple/red. If you use the tops (soups, pesto…), these ones are outstanding.

Fresh Basil. Sweet Genovese basil is glossy and delicious. A traditional Italian variety that is amazing in pesto or with pasta. We harvest the tender tops and sell 0.20 lbs in a bag.

Zucchini. Heirloom varieties include Genovese, with a smooth flavor and striking pale green skin, and Costata Romanesco, darker with striped skin and a wonderful nutty flavor. We harvest smaller than many other growers, favoring a tender consistency that is a joy to cook with and to eat. Portioned in a quart container, about 4-5 squash.

Fresh Herb Bunches. Savor the time of year when we can cook with fresh, locally grown herbs! Available this week: sage, parsley, chives, cilantro, and lemon balm.

Hexagon Market Share

Pay $150 up front and receive $160 in produce and plant credit (plus bonus items, like fresh herb bunches!) to use over the course of the season. It’s like a mini CSA, with loads of flexibility: choose what you want, when you want it, without individual monetary transactions.


These awesome patches are made by Twin Cities based all intertwined patchworks, and are made with cotton grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. They even come with matching thread and a needle for sewing them onto your desired garment or fabric 🙂

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