Growing Practices

Our growing practices are tailored to the shape and specific resources of our land, balancing environmental health, sustainability, and the health and effectiveness of us, the workers. Check out the details below.

Hand Scale

Working at a human scale, producing food free from fuel or exhaust residues, avoiding equipment loans, and staying healthy

Healthy Soil

Mulching, cover cropping, adding compost, and minimizing tillage to foster a diverse soil community and healthy crops

Nourishing Food

Adding organic-approved minerals and other amendments, based on soil test results.

Small Producer

We value transparency and our relationships with customers and the community. We aim to be a reliable seasonal addition to the region’s food web.

Abundant Home Gardens

Offering over 30 varieties of garden seedlings for home gardeners, all sold in biodegradable pots with locally-produced organic potting mix

Supporting Natural/Organic Businesses

Our compost, potting mix, cover crop seeds, and other supplies are purchased from local/regional sources whenever possible. Over 90% of our vegetable seeds are Certified Organic, and all come from producers we are proud to support

On-farm peer inspections through Certified Naturally Grown

✓No synthetic pesticides/fertilizers

✓Organic or CNG seeds/plants

✓Improving soil and ecosystem health

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