the heat of May

Over the last month we experienced a stretch of drought conditions, finally got some soaking rains, and recently the daytime temperatures have been in the 90s, at one point for a 4-day stretch. This is interesting because it doesn't necessarily mean that plants are growing really fast and looking great. In fact, a lot of [...]

market season begins

Hello from here! Since the weekend, it's been relatively chilly and has felt somewhat muggy, which apparently cues the mosquito population. They are everywhere, in large numbers, and due to them I've slapped my own face at least 40 times since Sunday. We haven't received significant rainfall in over 2 weeks, and the soil shows it. [...]

It’s May!

I like May. My birthday is in a few days, the weather outside is WARM, and trees will transition from pretty bare to quite full of leaves and blossoms. It's fitting that my eyes started itching today. It's also fitting that nettle can be harvested, so fresh anti-allergy tea is close at hand. Does anyone [...]

a new week, indeed!

Last weekend, I happened to be at the farm alone, getting up during the night to sweep snow off of the greenhouse, double and triple checking to make sure all seedlings were in a safe/sufficiently warm space, and wrapping myself in blankets inside. This weekend, we assembled and started up the grill, and I've been [...]