no. 40

It is almost Thanksgiving, and while we are enjoying a somewhat restful middle-end of fall (fires, cat cuddling, crafting, baking, roasting, soups), the sudden onset of snow and cold, and the continued cold, means there has been more pressure than we expected to clean up, finish the fall projects, and be ready for winter, because [...]

no. 39

Writing this week on the second-to-last day of October, the sights, smells, and sounds around the farm are signaling November (which happens to be my favorite month). Migratory birds have visited and sung from trees and shrubs; the field across the road is a bare spectrum of browns and yellows, the corn and soybeans having [...]

no. 38

Hello again! We’re still here, despite the recently quiet blog, enjoying our first beautiful autumn on the farm and in Wisconsin! I feel we have been here for a long while given the many new friends, projects, and developments, but a year ago today the home inspection still had not happened and garlic had not [...]

Autumnal changes

Conditions around here have really changed in the past 2 weeks, and this post goes up near the [predicted] end of 4 days of intermittent rain and thunderstorms which leave some of our crops looking better and some worse than before the rainy period. As for the dairy barn, it’s looking less like a barn [...]

rainy blog

A thing that I should by now expect, but that still surprises me, is that the distractions are so great come the first signs of fall (signs including: chillier evenings, field crops turning yellow, and winter squash and potatoes harvested). There is plenty to still care for farmwise, but I am crocheting, preserving, spending a little [...]

More mulching, and carrots

Rain today means blog post today! This has been especially true lately, when it is hard to leave the fieldwork to focus on website, email, etc. Today's rain was unexpected: I was raking straw into piles while N. was harvesting red potatoes, with loud thunder overhead for at least 20 minutes before precipitation actually materialized. [...]

summer 2018

It's here! Days are long, solstice is past, cukes and tomatoes are ripening, and zucchini is popular at the farmers market. Below is one of our first zinnia blossoms, palla rossa radicchio, and our June 23 market table. It seems that the blog shall become a biweekly venture rather than a weekly one, considering the [...]