blog post #37 – wrapping up september

I decided to count the number of blog posts, and this is the 37th! More than I would have estimated, for sure.

Some surprisingly significant changes have taken place around here over a short period of time, the big one of note being that I’ve started working part-time as baker at the coffee shop/restaurant in the center of Downsville. We’re still of course working hard on the farm, and have had plenty of variety and abundance at market.

The Midtown Minneapolis Farmers Market has been a wonderful place for us to get started our first season. The foot traffic is generally high, and especially lately, we’ve connected with people (often customers) interested in discussing our farming methods, the variety we choose to grow, and/or our mission and plans for this project. I redesigned our tomato display for the most recent market, and every tomato I brought to market was sold that day.

Naturally, since it’s the end of September, we are shifting toward winter squash, winter radishes, and other storage veggies. We expect a final tomato harvest on Friday 9/28, followed that evening by a predicted frost. We’ve begun offering delicious golden acorn squash at market, and the rest of our winter squash awaits in the slightly cool and dehumidified basement.

And yes, these butternut squash have been washed. The reality of selling at market!

As fall progresses, I am excited to get more baking done and settle into the new job. I have thought about a part-time job over the past several months, partially as a way to feel connected to town, and at 3 hilly miles away I am able to bike there until it becomes bitterly cold. The ability to live in the country and also bike (and walk, sometimes) to a job is fantastic.

 We biked there today, in fact, and I am writing this at our table after some delicious soup
We biked there today, in fact, and I am writing this at our table after some delicious soup

That’s it for #37. Have a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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