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A thing that I should by now expect, but that still surprises me, is that the distractions are so great come the first signs of fall (signs including: chillier evenings, field crops turning yellow, and winter squash and potatoes harvested). There is plenty to still care for farmwise, but I am crocheting, preserving, spending a little more time in our small woods, and just resting, rather than dutifully drafting blog posts. Honestly, it’s pretty nice, and you’ll just have to forgive me.

Today is a good one for reflecting a writing, as it has rained consistently since the early morning and we’re enjoying thinking about the gentle soaking the soil is receiving, and listening to it all. 

With some rain and mild weather, our plants are looking beautiful, and harvests and markets are going great. A few market highlights from last Saturday include beets, as always, and our collection of “2-bite” tomatoes: jaunne flamme, pink ping pong, and the small green zebra tomatoes. NO FILTER.

In the last couple of weeks, we harvested all of our winter squash and our 4 varieties of potatoes. The harvests were reasonably abundant, especially considering that I didn’t situate them all in ideal environments: especially the potatoes, which were smothered by nearby winter squash vines and neglected during the summer, yielded a bit less than otherwise expected. But harvest was FUN, of course, and we shall begin offering winter squash at market this Saturday, with beautiful and delicious golden acorn squash. 

I look forward to sharing in coming weeks our progress on various fall projects. After having arrived here in winter last year, we feel very fortunate simply to have autumn, and to be here, and to do the things! We want to build a caterpillar tunnel, continue mulching beds for next year, adjust the dimensions of the greenhouse so it makes more sense, prepare ground for more perennial plantings closer to the barns, install rainwater catchment system(s), gather/cut way more firewood. Yes.

 sometimes hard-earned market cash has to be used for ferris wheel rides
sometimes hard-earned market cash has to be used for ferris wheel rides

Thanks for reading the latest post, and welcome to September 2018!



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