Requesting an extension of March

Okay, okay, it seems everyone is talking/complaining about this loooooooonng winter and skittish start of spring. I’ll resist adding my opinions. Realistically, the conditions here seem average, I believe, with the exception that the air and ground have been relatively cold. There has been a lot of snow melt around the farm, and I am glad it didn’t all happen at once. 

The feeling that we’re not leaving winter fast enough, rather than based on reality, is related to looming seasonal deadlines, upgrading and creating some infrastructure, and for me personally, learning to do all of the things individually, at least for now and over the next few months. 

The big changes around the farm are happening with the greenhouse, which is unfinished but holding temperatures of over 100 degrees on sunny days. For now, since the ground is still so cold, our focus is leaving a tarp on the ground in the greenhouse, helping to warm the soil and starting to get rid of grasses that would otherwise grow there. 

As you can see, a lot of PVC work went into the structure, and the process has mostly been successful. I had never used PVC, and didn’t in fact know that PVC cement was a thing, until a few weeks ago. As I tend to do things, I happened to find PVC solvent and cement in the basement, and I read the instructions, and I’ve been using it. Only in the past couple of days, attempting to use a really old length of PVC and also setting pieces together under highly variable temperatures, have problems arisen (with the roll-up front of the greenhouse).

Now, in addition to countless branches and small-diameter trees laying about the farm, don’t be surprised by many tiny sections of pipe, small pieces of plastic weighed down with various objects, and the solvent/cement can pair from the basement.

Thanks for reading!


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