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Some of you who see our social media feeds have seen suggestions of greenhouse progress, and indeed there has been some! There is most of a structure up, but plenty of remaining work, with the end wall construction being the most time consuming and the part I am most worried about getting wrong!

We are looking forward to having it all done by the end of the week. The past few days featured less greenhousing than expected because of some birthday celebrations, both here and briefly in Minneapolis, which were just great. Also, in the middle of this, during major melting on Sunday, the basement began taking on water. Fortunately it was straightforward to pinpoint the cause, divert the water outside, and suck up the water that collected inside. Sadly, a portion of artwork was damaged: drawings and other prints from friends, some of N’s work, and posters. We will certainly be smarter about this in the future!

As I mentioned, there’s been significant melting, which makes us giddy. The steep south-facing slopes are largely free of snow, and the gully is full and flowing. Ted, who helped us remain cool during the basement saga, did a good deal of water diversion to help prevent damage to the dairy barn foundation. During some exploration on Sunday, we all discovered what appears to be a seasonal artesian well, with water bubbling/gurgling upward from 2 apparent holes in the ground, about 8 feet from one another. This explains why we’ve seen so much water running down the back hill toward the dairy barn! So many things left to discover. 

 weekly veg field photo, 03-20-2018
weekly veg field photo, 03-20-2018

As you can CLEARLY see, our main crop area remains covered in snow, as does most land that is not heavily sloped to the south. The weekly photo has not changed much since this routine began! The straw mulch on the garlic is slowly emerging from the freeze, and even though there’s still plenty of snow, much has melted in a week. 

Some other photo updates from this week (above):

  1. Chocolate banana cream pie (recipe source here) with mini peanut butter cups for Erin’s birthday, prepared in a lovely dish made by Erin’s aunt. LOVE.
  2. Ever more trays to be filled. More food and flowers to be excited about! This week’s crops included 2 kale varieties, collard greens, cabbages, scallions, catnip, thyme, 3 tomato varieties, and chamomile.
  3. Looking north toward the barns and house from near the edge of the veg field, gradual snow melt on the pasture.

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