gathering steam (so to speak)

Despite the continued cold weather, it feels like we’ve actually got something going here! Some folks saw on Instagram that we now have a vehicle capable of transporting a good deal of stuff! What kind of stuff? Old fridges, all the wood, cinder blocks, bricks, produce, potting mix, various appliances as needed, cooler materials, and more wood. I’m sure that hauling bricks and old appliances is exactly what Chrysler had in mind when designing this gold minivan and its beautifully carpeted interior, which remains shockingly pristine after 15.5 years of use. This shall change soon.

Farmers market applications are in process, and along with this the logo, website, and other resources of the farm are taking shape! The current logo we are working on will change over time, but we’ve finally settled on the main design after seeing several drafts by a special friend, plus consulting with family and friends and arriving on an overall image somewhat by accident.


The website is under construction, but we have a Facebook page that you should immediately go like! It’s not like you have to go far.

A few people have already found the page and like it, and you are awesome.

We now have essentially all of our seeds for the 2018 season,  but still have to acquire some exciting materials, namely seed potatoes and some perennials and fruit trees to get started. I am excited to report on that and plenty more in coming weeks!

Thanks for reading.


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