january days

The cold weather earlier in the month has given way to snowy and comfortably cold conditions here, which are welcome. I’m very glad to see a thick layer of snow on the ground that will melt and work down into the earth over the next few months.


On Monday, between 8 and 10 inches fell here, and drifts here and there are over a foot deep. I say bring on more! but I also feel limited, not having skis or snowshoes yet and thus not currently being able to access a lot of the property without getting plenty of snow in boots. I’ve spent a bit of cozy time wrapped in scarves, with a cup of tea or coffee, in the barns, working out schemes for the coming season and additional ones.


We are excited to start some work in the ‘lower barn,’ which is above, and could serve multiple purposes very well, as it is a moderate size, with excellent access to water and electricity. This will be our produce washing, packing, and storage area, complete with a cooler to be built this spring! Progression of this and other projects should be sped up with more transportation capacity, and our search for a van commences this weekend during my trip to Minneapolis! Prepare for dozens of photos of me driving hideous 15-year-old minivans.

In the house, Rose proves herself adept at finding the sunniest spots, including ones temporarily vacated by a pan that is in use. On a side note, it’s been far to cloudy for her and me lately.


N. and I enjoyed moving snow sans motors this week, dutifully clearing a wide swath of driveway. We shoveled twice on Monday and once on Tuesday for the latest storm, which sounds like too much but beats shoveling a foot of heavy snow all at once. While I’ve dreamed of a long driveway through the woods, I am not displeased with our relatively short/manageable one!


Thanks for reading!


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