warm winter update

We’ve experienced some thawing over the past 3 days here and through most of Wisconsin and Minnesota. I don’t believe I’ve been in either state in January, until now, when the outside temperature has been above freezing. It’s unfortunate because if no snow or ice melts, the roads actually remain pretty safe, even if hard-packed snow remains on the surface. Now, liquid water freezes and creates the potential for unexpected icy spots.
Mostly, the warmth has felt great, though, and I’ve been outside again cutting down small trees and surveying the pasture and open field areas. Wednesday was especially warm, cloudy, and humid, with a little rain falling overnight.

jan 11 blogggg.JPG

I’ve been very amused (and thankful) that little things continue to go wrong (frozen pipes and apparently broken furnace, for instance) but do not end up causing serious damage or stress. Yet another example, after returning from La Crosse, as I stared at an object on the garage “floor”

jan 11 bloggg

I first experienced confusion, and then identifying one of the garage door springs, I felt some disbelief and amusement that this thing sling-shotted several feet once the end of the spring broke off, pulling a 2 by 4, and breaking another one, in the process. Then I was sad that I cannot, for now, open the garage door. Finally, I was amazed that this happened while we were away with the car; otherwise it very well could have smashed some windows.

Who knows where I can get another one of those springs?

jan 11 blog

The air on Thursday morning was decidedly dryer, and as I write this later in the day, a steady, fine snow is falling. As I was descending the tower on the north edge of the farm (now one of my favorite spots, with amazing views), icy precipitation began falling. It is a beautiful winter day.

I have barely spent time in a rural setting in the winter, and this experience is filling me with wonder at the seasons and utter excitement for the growing season; I am not anxious for winter to be over, just amazed to think of the transition to spring and summer.

jan 11 blogg

The feelings are amplified by the arrival not only of more seeds, but of some of our supplies. The basement is gradually filling with tubing, fittings, electric fence parts, and more, and this place sort of feels like a farm!

Thanks for reading.


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