farm planning on the road

Anyone who knows me at all should expect that I will manage to walk to things I appreciate, even if I am (and I almost always am) the only one.
Blog dec 15

What I’m astounded by after yesterday is that we (meaning anyone who comes to spend time here for farming- or art-related projects) can exist in a setting that looks like this, and be able to walk in less than an hour to a super cute coffee shop. The morning was truly splendid, with bright sun and a temperature somewhere in the twenties that felt warm enough. I was passed by 1 automobile in the little over 50 minutes I was walking.

blogg dec 15

Nearing the center of Downsville, there was a glimpse of a nice train trestle, over which the Red Cedar State Trail runs. After walking essentially the whole way on very quiet back roads, I crossed the river on Highway 25 – there was even a snow-covered sidewalk! – and turned off immediately to Downsville’s small main drag.

blogggg dec 15

Over a scone and some tea, and enjoying plenty of midmorning winter sunlight, I worked on gathering my thoughts so that I can put together an organized vegetable crop plan soon. I am finally looking into organic certification, which means that seed buying will be more challenging than it would be otherwise. I like the idea that requiring growers to use certified organic seed will result in organic seed producers receiving more business! It’s not only about our little farm, but the many potential inputs required along the way and how they affect their own producers and environment.

I need to learn more, though, about how organic certification could limit the variety of off-farm inputs that I believe are healthy for everyone, including spent coffee grounds and collected leaves from around town. The person who runs the cafe wants us to have their spent coffee grounds, and I intend to check with a few other places about this resource as well.

bloggg dec 15

It was considerably cloudier during the walk back and felt cooler, but it was equally peaceful! I was even able to sneak past a certain property without the dogs going crazy as they did on the trip out. Dogs make me nervous (unless they are Penny, Comet, Moxie, Briar, or Lucy).

That’s about as good a final sentence as I can imagine. Thanks for reading!


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