Small Scale

Local Produce

Certified Naturally Grown

Providing nutritious vegetables (and some fruit) directly to customers in Menomonie and south Minneapolis

Striving to be conscientious neighbors and responsible food producers

Developing no-till growing techniques that build topsoil and improve soil quality

spring/summer news:

(updated June 29)

We hope to see you this weekend! As always, we will be at the Menomonie Farmers Market on Saturday 8-1. On farm sales are available 2-7 on Friday.

Minneapolis customers: the market is not occurring this week in an official capacity, but we will still be there from 8 to noon, along with some other vendors. Please come and shop, and feel free to pre-order as usual!

Available this weekend (7/3-7/4):

2 great varieties of kale (Dazzling Blue lacinato and frilly Bear Necessities), Rainbow Swiss chard, Carrot bunches, Beet bunches, Salad mix (triple rinsed), sweet Genovese Basil, heirloom variety Zucchini, and Garlic scape bunches! Fresh herb bunches will include parsley, cilantro, lemon balm, chives, and sage.

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